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Offering Light

Offering Light dates back thousands of centuries.  It is practiced in many religion and spiritual communities.
It is deeply ingrained in the Tibetan tradition. These offerings of light can be dedicated for the benefit of another person, to light their way, or for oneself.

Light often is dedicated for celebrating a birthday or weddings, new plans, or for safe travel.

It is also used to ask for support and guidance in life, illness, difficult situations, disasters or the passing of a loved one.

Is it a place to find solace, peace, inner support and deeper connection.


A Place for Reflection

Take your time to reflect how you like to dedicate your candle.

You are invited to share your intentions so others may send some loving energies.

The candle will be lit for 24 hours.  You are welcome to come back and light another candle.

Please follow the links below.


Please take a deep breath and quiet your thoughts.


Choose a candle that’s not lit, and click on it.

Find an unlit candle on any of the pages below.

Please Take A Deep Breath And Quiet Your Mind.

Reflect For A Moment On The Purpose For Lighting This Candle.



We are offering this this place of reflection and candle lighting to benefit all beings.
Please support Lotus Mountain institute, a 501(c)(3) organization to help benefit more beings.

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