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I have a Special One Time Offer to help you find out how you truly feel about a specific situation or relationship on a physical, emotional and karmic level.

Is this your experience?

  • Are you questioning yourself a lot
  • Not sure what to do about a situation or relationship
  • Having difficulty sleeping over it
  • Feeling stuck
  • Being tired and depressed
  • Having anxiety
  • Is your well-being challenged because of it?
Color-Numeric Analysis Picture

Special Offer

Color-Numeric Analysis

Based on Ancient Wisdom Knowledge.

What is a Color-Numeric Analysis?

Based on Applied Ancient Wisdom, Colo-Numeric Analysis increases awareness of relationships and/or situations and allows to find solutions. It gives peace of mind.

Dr. Alina Bartnett will, through colors and numbers, create a hieroglyphic picture that will point to the true feelings and connections, on a physical, emotional and karmic level, that is hidden from the conscious mind. Understanding what is happening can give peace of mind and a clearer path forward.

We all sometimes just ponder what to do and feel unsure of the way forward.  This Color-Numeric Analysis can give more clarity.

This releases stress and brings benefit benefits that can improve our physical, mental and emotional well-being, as well as our ability to navigate challenges and achieve our goals.

This Color-Number Analysis is very specific to the person and his/her situation.

Dr. Anila Palmo

Who is Dr. Alina Bartnett

Dr. Alina Bartnett has over 40 years of experience as a chiropractor, teacher, coach and mentor. For 22 years she dedicated herself to the Mysteries of Life as a Monastic.

Early on she studied with Dr. Max Bänziger a Professor of the Osiris Institute and a recognized Egyptologist. She holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University in Georgia and founded the White Mountain School of Applied Healing. She is a graduate of the Leadership and Transformational Training from the Hendricks Institute and received training from the Center for Mind Body Medicine.

She has intensively studies the Energy Codes with Dr. Sue Morter and is now Certified Energy Code Coach & Facilitator.

Dr. Alina Bartnett is the Founder of Lotus Mountain Institute and the principle Minister and Lama.

Dr. Alina Bartnett uses a unique combination of Mind Training, Open-Heartedness, Somatic Practices and the Energy Medicine to bring people back to their Essence. 

She also practices Color-Numeric Analysis to help people find solutions and peace of mind.

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Special Offer

Color-Numeric Analysis

Based on Ancient Wisdom Knowledge.

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